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Project Description

Buckhorn Beach Bathroom

This bathroom was in desperate need of renovation after 38 years! Aside from the beautiful log walls the diagonal dark tongue and groove paneling was a definite hit – in the 80’s!

The vision was a very bright beach themed space that invited you in rather than chased you out. Additionally the owner wanted additional storage space, a slightly larger shower and a sense of space.

The challenge was that we could not increase the footprint, the shower could not go anywhere else due to the aggressively sloped ceiling and the walls are solid logs!

We achieved it all and won an award for it!

Before/During Photos:

After Photos:

What we did

  • Gutted the space entirely (false walls that hide plumbing & wiring)
  • Removed the insulation in the floor and disinfected from a previous rodent infestation
  • Leveled the floor that was over 2” out of level in spots
  • Re-routed plumbing to relocate the toilet
  • Removed a false wall under the log perlin at the back of the room to capture space
  • Re-wired to add more lighting, outlets and a heated floor system
  • Installed sound proofing insulation in the floor
  • Installed new subfloor
  • Installed Schlüter Ditra Heat membrane and in-floor heating system
  • Laid new tile that is coloured and textured to mimic sand
  • Created and installed built-in shelving in the extra space discovered
  • Installed new tiled shower system with tile scribed to the round logs
  • Relocated toilet to be hidden behind shower
  • Installed Maibec Moderne exterior siding to line the ceiling and walls
  • Created floating storage boxes with oiled Zebra wood
  • Installed pedestal sink
  • Installed new exhaust fan on a timer to handle moisture
  • Installed new high efficiency toilet
  • Installed new solid maple shaker door with full length inset mirror
  • Installed sconce lights
  • Installed LED strip lights hidden behind perlin to light shelving


  • Heated tile floor
  • Zebra wood floating vanities
  • Hansgrohe fixtures
  • Hidden toilet
  • Maibec Moderne siding
  • Themed mirror to pick up on the logs
  • Scribed tile at shower