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Project Description

Custom Bathroom in Picton, ON

This was a complete bathroom, hallway and entrance foyer renovation and modernization designed to accommodate the specific needs of the current owner and reflect a more upscale appearance.

Before Photos:

After Photos:

What We Did:

  • Removed existing fixtures and donated to Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Gutted all three spaces back to the wall studs
  • Gained bathroom footprint by eliminating linen closet
  • Increased sense of spaciousness by eliminating tub and installing a pocket door
  • Coordinated and subcontracted new electrical and plumbing throughout
  • Installed a high end shower unit complete with therapeutic massage jets, seating, lighting and enclosed bulkhead
  • Created storage space with a larger vanity including matching overhead cabinet and mirror unit with additional lighting
  • Installed tile flooring
  • Installed a low flush, high mount toilet with a self closing seat system
  • Installed and finished new drywall throughout
  • Installed pot lights in all areas to create a consistent, modern light throughout the space
  • Installed new door trim, baseboard and crown molding to create a more finished detailed look
  • Primed and painted