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Project Description

Custom Kitchen on Albertus Avenue

This custom kitchen renovation began with a need for space, functionality, modernization, classic overtones and an entertaining focal point. It continued with an in depth needs and wants assessment, floor plan design and complete 3D colour renderings. From there – destruction and construction…

Concept Photos:

Before Photos:

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What We Did:

  • Designed a scaled floor plan that accommodated the needs of a family kitchen with the functionality required of two avid cooks
  • Designed renderings illustrating the colours, styles and materials chosen by the customers
  • Developed a day-to-day work plan to allow this busy family to coordinate meals and activities around construction activities
  • Set-up dust and safety barrier to protect the home and occupants (parents, toddler & cats)
  • Gutted entire kitchen back to framing members
  • Re-routed heating ducts, phone jack, thermostat, electrical and plumbing
  • Removed partition wall between dining room and kitchen including plaster cornice moulding
  • Installed new insulation and vapour barrier on external wall
  • Coordinated and subcontracted new plumbing and electrical
  • Constructed bulkheads at ceiling to accommodate lighting and ducting
  • Installed new drywall and primed and painted throughout
  • Reconstructed and installed plaster cornice moulding to match existing in dining room
  • Installed and finished new hardwood in kitchen and sanded and re-finished hardwood in dining room and living room to match throughout
  • Installed pot lights, central light fixture and under cabinet lighting for task and accent lighting
  • Relocated dining room light and installed faux plaster medallion to match cornice moulding
  • Coordinated and subcontracted manufacture and installation of new kitchen cabinetry, quartz counter top and black walnut bar top
  • Installed all new appliances
  • Installed new kitchen window
  • Installed and painted new French door from hallway to kitchen
  • Installed new casings
  • Crafted custom windowsill to match others in the home


  • Refinished and new hardwood floors
  • Solid wood, shaker style cabinetry
  • Accent and task lighting
  • Solid quartz countertops
  • Black walnut side cut raised bar top
  • New kitchen window