Multi Purpose Room in a Scandinavian Log Home

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Project Description

Multi Purpose Room in a Scandinavian Log Home

The vision for this award winning renovation was to accommodate a powder room, laundry room, hot water tank and a water treatment system in a very small space while creating a feeling of space and fluid movement. As with any renovation in a scribed log home seamless detail is the greatest challenge. Note the scribing of the pine to match the logs, the integration of reclaimed barn board for the closet door and the crawl space hatch and the pine ceiling channeled into the log for a more finished look.

 Award Winner: Best Any Room Renovation

Before Photos:

This space is so small and was so crowded that we could not take any photos as we could not get far enough away from anything for photos to turn out.

After Photos:

What we did

  • Designed a scale floor plan to determine an ideal layout for the room
  • Set up dust barrier and floor protection to minimize dust migration and ensure no damage to the pine flooring
  • Removed existing ceiling and flooring
  • Replaced all deteriorating plumbing for the entire home and replaced with Pex
  • Reworked wiring to accommodate new LED pot lights and European style heat source
  • Constructed new wall structure and platform to support elevated hot water tank
  • Constructed ceiling system to accommodate pot lights
  • Cut channel in log around perimeter of room to accommodate pine ceiling finish
  • Installed pine ceiling and pine on walls of closet scribed to fit logs
  • Installed LED pot lights
  • Installed tiled floor
  • Installed hot water tanks and Kinetico softening system
  • Custom milled, stained and installed new and door casings and baseboards to match original millwork
  • Installed custom vanity complete with quartz counter extending to cover washer and dryer and act as a folding station
  • Quartz is scribed to follow the contours of the log
  • Installed Toto low flush toilet
  • Constructed custom made door for the closet and the floor hatch with clear coated barn board sourced locally


  • Continuos seamless quartz counter that integrates the vanity, washer, dryer and folding station
  • Elevated hot water tank to conserve energy
  • Small Kinetico water softener to conserve space
  • Closet to hide the water systems
  • Reclaimed barn board closet door and crawl space hatch
  • Pine ceiling channelled into the logs for a clean finish
  • Pine closet walls scribed to match the log profiles
  • Dedicated European style heating system
  • Motion light for the closet
  • Pot lights for task lighting
  • Tiled floor