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Project Description

Ultra Modern Kitchen Ridgewood

The vision for this kitchen was to create an ultra modern space that took full barrier free advantage of the view through the wall of glass overlooking the outdoor entertainment area. This would mean the removal of a central structural post and some creative engineering.

Before Photos:

After Photos:

What We Did:

  • Created and engineered structural drawings for permit application
  • Obtained building permit and coordinated inspections
  • Installed dust mitigation screens and floor protection
  • Coordinated trades contracted by the home owner
  • Removed all flooring, sub flooring, drywall, bulkheads and railings
  • Installed new LVL engineered beam to support entire roof span at kitchen
  • Installed new posts and secured existing to support new beam
  • Removed central post to create completely open kitchen
  • Remove rotted sills at glass panels and installed new concrete sills
  • Relocated door to dining room to accommodate new kitchen design
  • Installed plumbing to accommodate new design
  • Re-routed existing and installed new heat ducts, and range hood duct
  • Installed new subfloor to accommodate new large format tiles
  • Installed new bulkheads to accommodate new design
  • Installed new drywall and primed and painted all walls
  • Installed new gas line to accommodate new gas range
  • Installed new appliances


  • Completely open spanned space
  • European style cabinetry
  • Task and accent lighting
  • Integrated table for family dining and homework space
  • Quartz countertops
  • Glass stair railing
  • Integrated work/office area