Porch Restoration

“In 2010, we bought a century farmhouse that was in need of serious repair. One component needing attention was our front porch as it was structurally unsafe and aesthetically neglected.”

“We chose Spotlight for the restoration of our porch because not only was Garnet open and honest with the quoting process but he truly listened to our needs/wants and took the time to make sure everything was covered. He reconstructed the porch and replaced the structural beams and posts rather than just doing patch jobs and band-aid solutions as another company had offered for a comparable price. Spotlight carefully copied the original post and gingerbread design for historical accuracy, showing a commitment to detail. The worksite was kept safe and clean and the project on-time and on-budget. We are very pleased with the results and have heard positive comments from neighbours and visitors as well. We highly recommend Spotlight to others needing high quality workmanship.”

Gavin & Charlene, Warsaw, ON

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