Spotlight Home & Lifestyle Is Now a Tarion Registered Builder

Spotlight Home & Lifestyle Is Now a Tarion Registered Builder

Spotlight Home & Lifestyle is now a Tarion registered builder and licensed to build new homes in Ontario!

As an award winning Design/Renovate/Build firm Spotlight Home & Lifestyle has been focussed on home remodels and the design and construction of additions. Over the past several years their reputation has prompted many requests to design and build custom homes. With a well established and respected renovation business in place and a team that has framed over 400 homes and constructed some 75 custom homes it was time to become licensed to build new homes.

“The plan has always included adding the design and construction of custom homes however I would only do that as a legally licensed builder,” says Garnet Northey the firms owner. Northey goes on to say, “A home is typically the single most important investment that a family will make and they deserve to have it constructed by a licensed builder backed by a seven year warranty.”

Spotlight Home & Lifestyle Inc. is also recognized by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) as a Healthy Housing Renovator for their commitment to constructing spaces that consider the long term health of the occupants. Spotlight Home & Lifestyle will bring this skill and knowledge to bear on new home construction.

Spotlight Home & Lifestyle Tarion Re

Tarion and its Public Interest Mandate

For 40 years, Tarion has provided new home warranty protection to almost two million Ontario homes. We serve new home buyers and new home owners by ensuring that one of their life’s biggest investments is protected. Almost every new home in the province is covered by a new home warranty. This warranty protection is provided by Ontario’s builders and lasts up to seven years. It is backstopped by Tarion. More than 365,000 homes are currently enrolled in the warranty program. Every year about 50,000 new homes are enrolled.

Tarion serves Ontario’s public interest by enhancing fairness and building confidence in the new home buying experience.

With more than 230 employees, Tarion works hard every day to serve the public interest by, first and foremost, protecting consumers and their new home purchases. We investigate homeowner warranty claims; resolve warranty disputes between homeowners and builders; provide deposit and delayed closing protection for new home buyers; and prosecute illegal builders. We regulate new home builders and ensure they meet a province-wide standard of technical competence and financial capacity. We also manage the Guarantee Fund, an important financial reserve designed to help shield Ontario consumers from possible catastrophic building events. All of this enhances fairness and confidence in Ontario’s new home building industry.