Our 8-step process

Each stage of our 8-step process is like a building block that guides you step by step through the project to a successful outcome.

step one:
Initial Contact

It all begins with a conversation that leads us to understanding your project and each other. At this point we set up a time to meet.

step two:
Initial Consultation

Your home. Our office. Perhaps online? Our first meeting is all about understanding each other to determine if we are the right ‘fit’ for you and your family and for your home or cottage project.

step three:
Design and Budget

Design and budget go together. We work with you to understand your goals, objectives, vision and budget and then work together to explore what’s possible. This allows you to ‘see’ the home that will be uniquely yours.

step four:
Quote and Contract

With your new design we will create a detailed quote and scope of work that will guide the entire process. You can now make the informed decision to sign our project agreement.

step five:
Project Plan

Our solid planning processes keep you informed and the project on schedule. This is also where you get to select all of the pretty things.

step six:
The Project

Now that it’s designed and planned, our experienced, highly trained team of carpenters, trade partners and suppliers can get to work and follow the plan. Don’t worry, they’ll keep you informed DAILY.

step seven:
Change Order

When you want to make a change or unforeseen circumstances arise, we'll provide you with the best option and any associated costs. You'll always know your bottom line.

step eight:
Completion and Warranty

Now your project is complete and now it’s real. Our quality is backed by our two-year warranty so you can enjoy your new spaces with peace of mind. You’ve earned it.