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3 architectural styles Ontario home and cottage owners love

With dozens of home styles to choose from it can be overwhelming. Discover three popular architectural styles Ontario home and cottage owners love.

Key Takeaways

If you’re in the market to design and build a home or cottage, there’s a good chance you’ve done a search online for home styles and floor plans.

Visit any of the popular floor plan websites and you’ll find dozens of home styles. For example offers over 30,000 floor plans organized into nearly 40 styles. There are so many options it can be overwhelming.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to three architectural styles that have grown in popularity over recent years. Ontario home and cottage owners love them. Maybe one of these styles will be perfect for your new home or cottage.

Let’s begin…


One of the most popular home styles in recent years is contemporary. Contemporary homes can be described as simple. They typically have clean lines, big windows for lots of natural light, and flat or low pitched roofs.

The popularity of contemporary homes can be greatly attributed to a growing desire for efficiency and sustainability. This desire is reflected in the simplistic design of contemporary homes. One could also argue that contemporary design’s popularity is also due to society’s desire for greater simplicity in today’s busy lifestyle.

Contemporary architecture has evolved from modern architecture, which is why it is so easy to confuse the two styles. Both styles are greatly defined by their devotion to connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, and to achieving a feeling of spaciousness. But contemporary homes have a greater focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and use of natural light.

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Common features of contemporary homes:

  • Simplicity and clean lines
  • Connected indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Big windows and natural light
  • Natural and sustainable components
  • Recycled and non-toxic materials
  • Flat or low pitched roofs, often with large overhangs

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Modern Farmhouse

In recent years, architects and design firms have put a modern twist on the iconic American farmhouse. Modern farmhouse designs have grown in popularity due to their classic look and modern amenities.

Traditional farmhouses are modest in size and compartmentalized. Today’s modern farmhouse designs range in size from under two-thousand square feet to well over five-thousand square feet. 

The interior of today’s modern farmhouse is distinguished by open floor plans, spacious kitchens, split bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, wide floor planks and barn-style doors.

On the exterior, modern farmhouses are commonly defined by board and batten or lap siding, metal gable roofs with steep pitches and dormers, wrap-around porches, and often include rear porches.

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Common features of modern farmhouse homes:

  • Traditional country look mixed with minimal contemporary design
  • Cozy interiors that reflect the beauty of imperfections
  • Board and batten and lap siding
  • Metal gable roofs with steep pitches and dormers
  • Wrap around porches and rear porches

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The term “Craftsman” originates from a popular magazine published in the early 1900’s by furniture designer Gustav Stickley.

Craftsman homes are often considered simple in design, but their appeal is in the details. They exude old-world craftsmanship.

The exterior of a craftsman home is defined by low pitched gable roofs with exposed rafters, covered porches with large tapered columns, and hand crafted stone and woodwork. Craftsman homes tend to use natural materials and reflect earth tones.

The interior of a Craftsman home is often defined by a grand fireplace, exposed beamed ceilings, and built-in cabinetry, furniture and lights.

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Common features of craftsman homes:

  • Low pitched gable roofs and large dormers
  • Covered front porch with large tapered columns
  • Large overhanging roof eaves with exposed rafter and beams
  • Handcrafted stone and woodwork
  • Natural materials that reflect earth tones
  • Grand fireplace as a focal point of the home

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Find your style

These three architectural styles reflect very different aesthetics, but have one thing in common - they’re loved by so many people. Are you one of them?

Need help finding the perfect style and layout for your new home or cottage? We can help. Schedule a design and build consultation. We’ll learn about each other, your project, and help you get started down the path to a successful project.