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Pontypool Design & Build Project

Capture the spectacular views of the valley below...

The purpose of this project was a two phased approach.

Phase I was to immediately improve the exterior of the home to protect and beautify it. Replacement of all of the original wooden windows and siding was the first priority as there was extensive rot and insect and rodent infestation at the exterior.

The vision was a more modern look with reduced maintenance and enhanced efficiency.

Phase II was more of the ‘we want’ versus the ‘we need’ of Phase I. The second phase was all about capturing the spectacular views over the valley below from the comfort of the master suite – without even getting out of bed. The owners also wanted to create a clean, fully finished garage space with a large storage/project area. Paramount was the task of designing such an addition to match the unique architecture of the original structure.

Did we achieve the vision? Well, they hired us back to do Phase II.

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Pontypool Design & Build Project
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