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2021 PKHBA Renovator of the Year

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Ensure design and renovate success

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Project Management

We are professional renovators and builders who are skilled at understanding and managing timelines and resources in order to carry your ideas and designs through from start to a successful result.

Trade Connections and Technical Knowledge

We have exceptional working relationships with our trade partners and suppliers, and a deep understanding of building science and systems.

Accurate Budgeting

We know what it takes to create healthy, safe, durable and comfortable spaces and to create accurate budgets based on a clearly defined scope of work.


We understand the permits required for the job, and the implications and expectations of each.

Covered by Warranty

We stand behind our product and services. Professionals do the work properly, but if an unforeseen problem ever arises, take comfort in knowing you’re covered. 

Fully Managed Design and Renovate Services

Keep your project on track, finish on budget, and move in on time.


From conceptual drawings and 3D renderings to construction ready drawings, we take care of all your design requirements in-house.

Site plan

When needed we prepare a site plan to ensure your home or cottage is properly situated on your land.


We work with you to develop and manage a budget that works for you from start to finish.

Project planning

When it comes to planning your project, we help you cross the "t's" and dot the "i's", to ensure everything is accounted for.

Permits and Inspections

We take care of all permits and inspections so you can move into your new home or cottage trusting is it safe, healthy and worry-free. 

Selections and finishes

When it’s time to select your finishing touches, we help you determine the right materials for your lifestyle and budget.


With our design team and trades people aligned, we bring your vision to life and keep you informed every step of the way.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your project is covered by an industry leading warranty for up to seven years.

Post-construction service

When your project is complete, our people are always available if you need any help with your new home or cottage.

We Make It Easy To Get Your Design and Renovation Project Started

Follow the steps below to put your design and renovate project on the path to success!

Step 1:
Request a consultation

Our consultations are an opportunity to learn about each other and your project. They can be done virtually, onsite, or at our office.

Step 2:
Gain valuable project insights

As we learn about your project, we provide guidance and recommendations to help you make more informed decisions.

Step 3:
Begin your project with confidence

We provide the confidence you need to take that first step on the path to success with your project.

We're here for you

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